My Entropia Universe adventure started back in 2006 in "Project Entropia".

After exploring the Universe, currently my main base of operations is Planet Arkadia, and my shop location, Celeste Island 2 [29687,10082].

With the Huge choice of activities available in Entropia Universe, I have chosen to specialise in two main areas of Entropia Universe, to provide the expertise expected by Entropians.

SoReal's Shop Celeste Island 2 [29687,10082]- offers a variety of goods, ranging from…Arkadian Instance Keys ,Vehicles, Vehicle Repair tools Vehicle weapons and more... with all items normally below Auction buyout price.

SRS – Transport, either by Quad Wing Equus or with the extra security of a mothership on board the, ToS - Normandie where I am part of the team as a Senior Pilot.

During my early years in Entropia back in 2006 I took the route of hunting and mining as I learned about our world but as our universe expanded and New world’s became available, I expanded my knowledge into Space. A chance to favour the Brave but also filled with Danger, as it is a Full PvP area.

Initially I learnt my Piloting Wings operating a Quad Wing Taxi service for over a year, learning the Universe and charting the safest routes, before further expanding my knowledge of all Space activities by joining the crew of ToS Normandie, now with over 4 years’ experience as a Senior Pilot.

‘Speed’ or ‘Cargo’ SoReal Services has the knowledge and experience to provide you the best solution for transport between planets

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